The electric vehicle world is growing fast, and Volvo is joining the race with its all-electric SUV, the EX90, set to launch in 2024. The EX90 has a minimalist interior, advanced driver-help tech, and awesome headlights that mix the past and future.

The Super Cool Headlights on the Volvo EX90 Electric SUV

The EX90 has lots of great features, like sensors that scan the road, cameras inside the car to check on people, and tech to make sure the driver is watching the road. The SUV's simple interior uses eco-friendly materials, and the most talked-about part is its new take on classic pop-up headlights.

The unique headlights, called the "Ultimate Thor's Hammer," are a fresh look at Volvo's Thor's Hammer design from the second-generation XC90 in 2015. The new design adds some sparkle to the smooth shape, making it a key feature of the EX90.


The Details of Volvo's Most Complex Headlights

The multi-element LED lights show off the Thor's Hammer design, with six parts in the hammer's head and ten more in the handle. These parts work as running lights during the day. When full beams are needed, the hammer opens up, showing the strong headlight that lights up the road ahead.

The headlights' cool design also plays a part in the electric SUV's start-up sequence. When you walk up to the EX90, it unlocks and pops out the door handles to say hello. At the same time, each headlight part lights up in order before opening to show the full-beam lights, making a fun automotive blink.

These exciting and complex headlights will be a standard feature on all EX90 models, adding to the vehicle's appeal.


A Mix of Old and New: The Future of Headlights

Volvo's updated headlights on the EX90 electric SUV perfectly mix the charm of old pop-up headlights with today's advanced lighting tech. By bringing the past and present together, Volvo keeps pushing the limits of car design and technology.

While these complex headlights might be pricey to fix, their cool look and how they work are sure to impress car fans and drivers. The Volvo EX90's 'Ultimate Thor's Hammer' headlights show the brand's dedication to being creative and making excellent cars.

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