Best LED Upgrades for your Porsche 996 Fried (Easter) Egg!

Best LED Upgrades for your Porsche 996 Fried (Easter) Egg!

Always cast aside for its off-standard headlights, the Porsche 996 (1997-2004) was given the nickname the “Fried Egg.” This is in reference to the shape of its headlights that encompassed an extra lamp for its high beams and the amber reflectors. This poor Porsche is often overlooked, and we want to give the 996 the love it deserves.


That being said, Happy Easter from all of us at The Retrofit Source! To celebrate the Easter festivities, we have gathered five of the best LED upgrades you can make for your Porsche 996. We hope you find our selection of forward lighting LED bulbs, brakes, interior lights, and more, just EGGscelent! Happy Egg Hunting!


The first 911 since its inception to have a new chassis platform, the Porsche 996 marked a shift in the brand’s sportscar manufacturing process. Gone were the days of the luftgekühlt (air-cooled) cars and in were the more modern water-cooled designs. This change was brought about thanks to a number of factors such as emission standards and the change to a 4-valve per cylinder engine.

Regardless, that 911 flavor that the Stuttgart manufacturer is known for remained. The car was developed alongside the Boxster at the time and utilized the multi-link suspension of the outgoing generation of 911, the 993. While many will debate the superior platform of air v. water-cooled, critics and drivers alike were not satisfied with the front facia design of the 996.

Nearly all other 911 model variants prior to the 996 utilized the rounded, “bug eye-style” headlights, so this new design was a change of pace. Dubbed the “fried egg,” the 996 headlights incorporated the amber turn signals into the headlight assembly. We are especially enthralled by the GT2 and GT3 variants of this car where the headlight design really suits the car’s styling.



Despite all the advancements that come with the 996 generation, the use of LED technology still had not become a standard, even in luxury sports cars. That being said, the output of the OEM halogen headlights leaves much to be desired.


The 996 headlights require an H7 size bulb for its low and high beam application. The S-V.4. bulbs are a great option and in the realm of quality LED lights, these are an affordable option. Alternatively, if you are looking for the best there is, the Morimoto 2Stroke 3.0 is unbeatable when it comes to output.

LED Side Markers

This is an upgrade that is often overlooked. Having functioning and quality side markers is important for the safety of you and your 911. And if you have done upgrades to the rest of your car, you MUST get the side markers to match.

These from Morimoto are built to last with their UV-polycarbonate lens. Alternative side marker brands will skip this component to save a few bucks, but at only $69.96, you cannot beat that quality and performance.


Reverse Light


A quality lighting upgrade typically consists of solving problems of safety, visibility, and longevity. When you are reversing out of the garage, backing into an Underground car show parking spot, or making a last-minute Sunday grocery run, seeing where you are going is imperative.

With a set of GTR Lighting Ultra Series reverse lights, you can rest easy with the amount of visibility the light offers you when backing up. These are one of the best LED reverse lights on the market and one that we have used in our own vehicles, time and time again.


License Plate Lights

Upgrading your license plate lights may not always be the most desirable upgrade, but when you see the Morimoto XB License Plate lights next to the dingy OEM lights, you will be blown away. It is a small and inexpensive mod that really adds to the overall appearance of your 911. Not to mention, if you are running a vanity plate, these plug-and-play LED lights will highlight that aspect of your car.


Map Light

The map light is one of our favorite upgrades on any car. Often the OEM parts, regardless of whether it is a high-end Mercedes or a Toyota Camry, map lights are a weak point. They are also going to typically be a halogen bulb that will eventually wear out over time. So, choosing a quality LED bulb to replace it is important.

We recommend either the GTR Lighting Low Profile T10 bulb if you want something stronger than OEM but not too bright, or the Morimoto XB LED 3.0 T10 bulb for maximum punch. Both are inexpensive and easy to install with the use of a pry tool and some needle-nose pliers.

GTR Lighting Low Profile Morimoto XB LED 3.0
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Now that your Porsche 996 911 is geared up with some of the best lighting upgrades available on the market today, you can drive with confidence that your car is equipped with safer and more reliable lighting than it was the day it left the factory.

Of course, these are not all the lighting upgrades you can do. Check out our full buyer’s guide for everything you need for the 1997-2003 Porsche 911.

If you drive a Porsche 964 (1989-1993) and are in need of some fog lights, we have you covered with the Morimoto XB LED fog lights specifically built for the 964 911. Check out our blog post where we discuss all of the benefits and how to install them.

If you have any questions about the products mentioned here or just want to chat, reach out to our experienced customer service representatives at support@theretrofitsource.com. Feel free to drop us a comment below letting us know what you thought of the article and what mods you have on your Porsche 911!