The BRAND-NEW Holley RetroBright Headlights | TRS Review

The BRAND-NEW Holley RetroBright Headlights | TRS Review

If you are in the market for a fancy headlight for your new vehicle, chances are, there is a huge range of options available to you. Morimoto’s XB LED headlights are made vehicle-specific for popular models like the Corvette, Mustang, Tacoma, and F150 pickup. For classic cars, the variety is slim, and the quality can be even more disappointing. Thankfully, Holley and Morimoto have teamed up to create the RetroBright LED Headlights that are designed to fit your classic vehicle.


Modern headlights are weighted down and inflated with several technological advances. Classic headlight buckets just do not have the room to accommodate the larger models of today without some modifications or sacrificing fitment. Not to mention, new housings have a space-age appearance that is unlike the simple, yet elegant design language of your classic. The RetroBright Headlights solve both issues by creating a period-correct package with modern performance and classic fitment.


Like an engine that does not leak, these RetroBright headlights from the folks at Holley are a long-awaited member of the classic car aftermarket scene. Lighting is often neglected on classic cars as existing replacements are often too big or do not match the styling of the car. Not to mention the fact that many replacements are terribly dim.


Holley teamed up with Morimoto to create these RetroBright LED headlights. Using the latest in LED technology, Holley has created a headlight that generates fantastic light output and an improved beam pattern. The result? You can see farther, wider, and clearer than on those dusty OEM or Sylvania lights.

When it comes to fitment, Holley has compacted the headlight design to fit your classic vehicle’s bucket, but they have also produced the RetroBright in a few different sizes to accommodate vehicles with round and rectangular headlights.

They come in the following sizes: 5.75in round, 7in round, 4x6in rectangle, and 5x7in rectangle housings.

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In addition to the size options, these lights also come two colors. The first is a 3000K classic white that mimics the color temperature of a halogen headlight. Second is the 5700K color temperature option that gives you a more modern white color. Regardless of which you choose, the LED cartridge can be easily changed out by unscrewing the two Allen screws on the back of the housing.


Additionally, you can also get a yellow-tinted lens version to fit your Euro-specification vehicle.


We are frankly surprised by how long it took for a product like this to hit the market. Regardless, we are happy it finally did.


The RetroBright LED headlights are not just for show. With modern LED technology these headlights operate on another level.

First, we have the 3000K versions. On low beam, they emit 840 max. Lux and the stock lights come in at 500 max Lux. You can clearly see the difference between the two when it comes to the beam pattern as well. The RetroBright is much wider and has a consistent intensity of light across the beam. When you flip the high beams on you will get 1510 max. Lux, which is still more than the 1410 max of the stock halogen headlights.



Next is the 5700K RetroBright. What is interesting about these, is that you actually get a bit more light output thanks to the color temperature difference.

On low beam, these emit 1030 max. Lux on low beam and 1460 max. Lux on high beam. That is 51 percent brighter than stock on the low beam and 3 percent brighter for the high beam.



Regardless, the same beautiful beam pattern applies to both versions of the RetroBright headlights.


One thing we really like about these headlights is that they are super easy to install, and the wiring is virtually plug-and-play.

To begin with, remove any exterior covers and body trim around the headlight. Typically, this is just a few screws around the housing.


After you have removed the exterior panels, remove the retainer ring holding the headlight in place. Be sure to have a hand on the headlight to prevent it from falling.


Next, unplug your headlight and connect your Holley RetroBright headlights. The connectors are the same, so you need not worry about the fitment. You will have one connector for the high beam and one for the low beam.


If you are using four headlights, you can use the splitter kit that will allow you to run all four lights as a low beam and all four as a high beam. This is a great way to further increase your light output.


Regardless of whether you are running a 7in round or a 4x6 rectangle, quad or dual light set up, Holley has the RetroBright headlight to fit your vintage car. We are seriously glad these have hit the market and we are looking forward to seeing your rides with them on it.

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