Headlight Tech: HID Projector Shrouds And Bezels

Unlike the projectors, ballasts, and bulbs – shrouds, also known as bezels, are not an essential here. They simply enhance the completed look of the retrofit from the outside by covering the bare projector and whatever was used to mount that projector to the inside of your headlight.

These days, you hardly ever see retrofits done with OEM shrouds anymore for a variety of reasons. It’s hard to believe that a set of original BMW E46 “Xenon” shrouds used to fetch $200 a set because they were practically the only non “household” item one could buy to enhance the look of their projector retrofit. How the times have changed! TRS introduced the E46-R (E46 Replica) shroud in 2008 and we’ve come out with countless other designs since.



What kind are you going to use? Some shrouds won’t fit some projectors no matter how you trim them, so it’s important to consider the compatibility here. Most of our shroud and projector options are cross compatible, but if you think you’re going to cover a TL bi-xenon with an Mini Gatling Gun, you’ll be in for it. Of course, pick a shroud that will cover a large enough surface area that it will cover the body of your projector and then some.


Is the shape of the reflector housing that you just retrofitted a complete circle? A semi-circle, an oval? Typically, if you match the outside shape of the shroud with the opening in your headlights, the completed retrofit will look more like it was meant to be in the first place versus something “thrown together”. (ie, if the reflector is a big open full-circle, pick a shroud that’s larger and circular) For example, the Mustang below has a reflector dish with a completely circular shape, so a circular shroud would be perfect. The Jeep on the other hand has a reflector with a semi-circular shaped reflector, so a semi-circular shroud is ideal.

Circular: Apollo, Bullet, G37-R, Gatling Gun, Gatling Gun 2.0, Gti-R, MC-R, Orbit

Semi-Circle (one flat edge): E46-R, E46-R Extended, Iris

Oval: E55-R, Ocular

Other: Panamera


Consider the viewing angles to the insides of your headlight housings. If the lenses on your housings are raked backwards at an angle, you’ll likely want a deeper shroud to cover more of the projector body. If the headlight is only one flat surface on the front, a shroud that doesn’t have as much depth from front to back will still work out well for you. The Ford Escape shown below is a good example of a flat faced headlight, where you can really only look into it from the front. There would be no opportunities to view the projector from the top or side, and therefore having a deep shroud isn’t too important. On the other hand, the Hyundai’s headlight lens is at an angle, therefore you may be able to see the projector from the top or side if it’s not covered entirely with a deep shroud.

Shallow: Gti-R, Ocular, E55-R

Medium: Apollo, E46-R, E46-R Extended, Iris

Deep: Bullet, G37-R, Gatling Gun, Gatling Gun 2.0, MC-R, Orbit, Panamera


Are you going to paint the shrouds? If so, don’t pay full-price for a set of our “premium” shrouds. Instead, pick up a pair of the “value” shrouds to save some extra money and ultimately end up with the same result. We have a discounted version available for most of the shrouds we carry.


With a handful of variables involved, picking a shroud may be hard for some people. Having helped thousands of enthusiasts with their conversions, we may know off-hand or can look up what’s known to work well for your application, so if you’re unsure, consult us. We have something for everybody, and the chances are good that we may even have pictures of past retrofits to give you an idea of what your housings could look like. Otherwise, by comparing dimensions, compatibility, and what just looks good to you – choosing one shouldn’t be rocket science. Want the enhanced look that a shroud will offer but can’t justify the cost? Check out the discounted “value” version (available under each listing in the drop down box) – they’re in close to perfect condition, but may have a couple tiny surface imperfections. These are great especially if you plan on painting them.


Huge variety of styles: From clean and minimalist in design to the radically edgy, our selection has something for everyone.

Integrated Mounting Flanges: The circular mounting flanges on the back-side of the shroud make mounting them to most projectors considerably easier. Whether its a set of OEM or aftermarket projectors, you wont need globs of epoxy and a prayer that they will stay put.

Vacuum Metalized Chrome: The shiny finish on our shrouds is considerably more durable than most OEM shrouds, making it less likely to scratch or peel off when your build is in progress and leaving you with the best looking finished result possible.

High Temperature Resistant: Knowing that many retrofitters will opt for high wattage ballasts, the shrouds are designed to resist deformation even at higher temperatures.

Cost: Produced using a plastic injection molding machine, we’re able to produce many units while keeping the quality and detail high and the cost low. Yes, those days where shrouds cost $200/set and were the only option are indeed long gone.