Dielectric Headlight Bulb Grease - What It Is And Why You Need It

We are here to demystify dielectric grease by showing why, when, and how you would use it.

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You have invested your hard-earned money in a high-performance set of parts to upgrade the lighting on your vehicle. With every set of electrical connections that are likely to be found on those parts, whether you’ve got a bi-led, HID, or a complete light assembly, there is always going to be an electrical connection. 

These connections will feature a male and female plug with pins inside and a seal to keep moisture out of those connections. We will be the first to admit, we used to think dielectric grease was supposed to go on those pins to increase the connectivity between them. That is far from the truth, the dielectric grease is actually supposed to protect the contacts from moisture. Because it is oil based, it helps the rubber seals do their job even more effectively by beading the droplets away.

No matter how reliable the parts are that you are installing, OEM or aftermarket, it doesn’t matter, there is always going to be a seal, and that will be the Achilles heel for how long the parts can function on your car or truck.

In our opinion, dielectric grease is the cheapest possible insurance policy that you can buy and put on the contacts when you are doing the installation to insure that your new upgrades perform for the life of your vehicle.

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If you have a few hundred dollars of parts in your cart, what’s a couple more dollars to make sure that those parts work reliably? We would consider adding a tube of this dielectric grease to every lighting upgrade you make; it is the easiest insurance policy to keep those upgrades shining bright. Do not get stuck in the rain without it!